How we work

How we work

Our way of doing

We will first speak to you as each and everyone’s situation is different. A phone call of 30 – 45 minutes is usually enough to get the information we need in order to contact our financial partners and obtain a so called decision in principle from them. Provided we have all information and documents from you, this will take a maximum of 7 working days.

Once the decision in principle has been obtained we will send you a list of documents to provide which we will analyse and pass on to our financial partner. There might be additional questions resulting of the documents provided and even more demands for documents. Be prepared for a lot of paperwork ! We accompany you throughout the process and are here to make it as smooth as possible for you.

We will also find mortgage insurance protection for you (mandatory in France).
Once our financial partner has analysed your documents and is happy with all information provided, they will make you a firm offer of the mortgage (« offre de prêt »). Having received this document allows your notary to set up a date for the official purchase of the property you are buying.

We can liaise for you with your agent, your notary and other third parties involved in case needed.

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